Profiles In Courage

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Shortly after we launched the new site, someone wrote to me to say they had accidentally put someone in the comments stream on Ignore and wanted to un-ignore them. I sheepishly told them that was impossible. With all the other urgent tasks we had with the new site, it just wasn’t high on the list.

I’m glad to say we’ve addressed this now. You already know how to Ignore someone: just click the Ignore button on their comment, and bang, they’ll vanish from your world. But if you want to un-ignore someone (perhaps you miss them, or you did it by accident), what you do is click on the Profile link:

This brings up your profile details. You can do many things here, but for our topic you’ll click on the newest tab, which is Ignored Users:

Here you will see anyone you are ignoring (sorry to pick on you, Claws; I needed an example). So you’d just click on Unignore, and huzzah, you’re done! That person’s comments will now be visible to you.

Of course, there are plenty of other things you can do in Profile, and I encourage you to do so. You can flesh out details about yourself so people can know more about you:

And, if nothing else, at least have a cool avatar!