Importing the Drawings of Others

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A few days ago, a Sloper – – a Gold member, in fact – – wrote to me about the Publish/Subscribe feature. He asked if, when he imported symbols from one of my published watchlists into his watchlists, whether or not he could also get the drawn objects I had applied on top of my charts. I told him no and said that was “for a lot of reasons.”

But after I sent the email and considered what the reasons would be……….I realized there weren’t any. In fact, the only “reason” was that the feature didn’t exist. Thus, as I always do, I set about to create it.

The initial part works like it always did. First, you subscribe to any watch lists that others have published:


….choosing whichever lists you want…………


As before, you can look at those symbols from the watchlist or copy all of them into a list of your own.


The big improvement, however, is that now you can choose to also import the drawn objects! This means that all the hard work I’ve put into my drawings you can instantly have on your own symbols.


Just one word of warning, however: the drawn objects will also be plopped right on top of any drawings you’ve made too. In other word, drawn objects are tied to symbols, not watchlists. So you will be combining the drawn objects (if any) that you’ve made along with those you are importing.

Anyway, I think you premium members will really enjoy this new feature. Keep those suggestions and requests coming!