Lines Trampled

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The bulls have absolutely trampled the bears today. I’m proud of the fact that I suggested ERX, XLB, KBE,and some other longs near the end of October at what turned out to be great prices. I’m not so proud of the fact that, personally, I sold them only a few days later! Because it’s clear that “the bounce” is still going on, nearly two weeks strong now.

A number of horizontal lines have been simply blown away. As I’m typing this, the Dow is up well more than 300 points, the ES over 40, and the NQ over 150. It’s quite a bonanza for the bulls, particularly considering the House is back in Democratic hands. So the “last lines standing” are shown below for the Dow Jones Composite:


The NASDAQ Composite:


The S&P 100:


And the S&P 500:


If Trump wants to break the spirit – – and hopes – – of the bears once and for all, he just needs a jaw-dropping trade deal with China. So that’s the next big uncertainty.