Well How About THAT

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OK. Wow.

I’ve said it again and again and again. If we REALLY want this fake, idiotic, fraudulent bull market to finally be shot right through the skull with a shotgun, then the biggest corporation on the planet, AAPL, needs to shit the bed.

I have kept silent on this for the past couple of weeks, because, let’s face it, AAPL always comes through. It never disappoints. Not ever.

Until tonight.

Indeed, it’s so reliable for being Good News For Our Bullish Buddies that the millennials over in /WSB have, in some cases, put their entire life savings into it, such as the screenshot from this chap before the close:

As you can see from the expiration date, these are weeklies. As you can also surmise, this young man is about to experience a loss of approximately 100%. This is what the past nine years have trained these morons to do.

I’m not sure what else to say, except to thank Heavenly Father for a miracle and finally putting this goddamned company in its place. Let the games begin.