2826. 2826. 2826.

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First off, I want to apologize up, down, and sideways for the downtime this morning. I feel just terrible about it. Slope has been the victim of its own success. As we keep adding more features, and get more popular, we are getting kind of crushed by traffic. The servers just couldn’t handle it this morning and did everything but explode into flames. In any case, all is well now, and we’re going to be doing another upgrade tonight.

Before the mayhem began, I did a snapshot of the /ES to illustrate how important the floor at 2826 was.

Of course, in the midst of us whipping out fire extinguishers to address database servers exploding, this happened:

It isn’t all dark, though. At least UBER buyers from the IPO on Friday are thriving! Oh, wait:

Anyway, I’ve had a 3 hour bite taken out of my day, but we’re back and badder than ever. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.