About FACE!

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Ya know, it’s just odd to me. Because ever since Mnuchin ordered his minions at the federal government to start propping up the stock market with everything in their arsenal, our friends in Gainesville have been steadfastly pounding the table about how the entire equity market was going to collapse. Month………..


…..after month…………


………..after month………….


I would go back farther, but for obvious reasons, they don’t really like having long-term archives.

Anyway, in case you think your eyes are deceiving you, the prediction was for the Dow to go below 1,000. Yes, below 1,000, which would be a drop of 96% or something like that.

Anyway, after literally years of this – – without explanation – – without apology – – without bursting into tears and begging for mercy – – they suddenly changed their tune. A total about-face.


Oh, and one last thing. They just came through the news feed.