Beautiful Movers

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Not a week doesn’t go by that Slope doesn’t get better. I’ve got another little improvement to share. It’s on the Big Movers page, which we’ve improved in several ways.


  • There is a dropdown which lets you choose a minimum price. The reason is that often the largest percentage gainers and losers will be obscure penny stocks that no one cares about. This lets you set a baseline for price to filter out the junk;
  • There is also a dropdown for volume for the exact same reason;
  • We’ve also added a new class of information which shows the top volume leaders across all U.S. markets.

It’s truly hard to believe Slope began as a basic blog. We have far surpassed, my former startup, in terms of features and the strength of the community, and believe me, there is so much more to come. Please consider subscribing to support our continued development and to give yourself access to more features.

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