Brainard Bubble

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I was stunned to see this article when I first got up this morning:

So let me get this straight……….a senior member of the Federal Reserve, the entity most responsible for the grotesque wealth divide in the United States………is bemoaning the fact that there is income inequality? Are you SERIOUS, lady?

Let’s hear what Ms. Braintrust has to say specifically:

You don’t say? Well, you CREATED this situation, kiddo. Allow me to offer up some other headlines that we may be seeing in the near future:

  • McDonald’s says childhood obesity could increase health care costs;
  • Oprah Winfrey says consistent physical fitness and modesty are crucial to inner peace;
  • Larry Kudlow says an objective, fact-based presentation of information is the best policy for public servants

If the topic of wealth inequality interests you, I suggest you check out the SocialTrade section on this topic by clicking here. It’s fascinating.

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