Death Certificate

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Good morning.

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said something like, “Better for people to think you are a fool and be silent rather than open your mouth and confirm their suspicions.” Something like that.

Well, I’m going to ignore Honest Abe and state something a few of you already know, which is that our SSL certificate expired. You want to get your heart rate pumping? Then wake up at 4 in the morning, find out your site is down, and know that it’s going to be many hours before the genius you hired to deal with this is going to wake up.

Anyway, I’m a resourceful sumbitch, and through my own ingenuity (and pleading, at which I excel) I was able to secure what was necessary to remedy this problem. So we’re back, baby!

Obviously it’s going to be an exciting day ahead. Now that I’ve got a chance to breathe, I’ll try to start an otherwise normal day. God bless you.