Huawei? No Way!

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I was indeed puzzled on Sunday afternoon when the ES and NQ opened up nice and green. With the trade “deal” completely mucked up – – I’m talking Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Airlines level mucked up – – I assumed we’d just keep grinding lower. But, nope, everything bright green.

I need to stop worrying about such trifles. Overnight action seems to be deliberately misleading these days. It’s quite evident the path we’re on. Suffice it to say that the colors have changed.


Even though the forces of unapologetic evil (that is, Kudlow, Mnuchin, and Powell) remain utterly in place, the forces of reason and logic still battle on. For myself, a single soldier in this battle, I am entering the week so short that I could jump off a nickel. One of my seventy short positions is Tesla which, as I mentioned this weekend, I believe is heading to $160.


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