That’ll Do, Pig

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Today was by far my best day of 2019, thanks to Trump urinating all over the faces of the Chinese. That’ll go over well, I’m sure. Anyway, now that the China/US bridge is burned beyond recognition, things are getting interesting again. Below I’ve marked some potential bounce levels for a few cash indexes. I am still very short – 75 glorious positions – but, for obvious reasons, paranoia courses through my veins, although at this point the man’s mucked it up so bad I’m not sure how he’s going to un-paint himself out of this corner. Anyway, I’ve said a few words in the caption area.

Dow Jones Composite potential support zone

NASDAQ Composite potential support zone
NASDAQ 100 potential bounce
S&P 100 has already broken support
Russell 2000 has a wrecked chart, although a prospective support area looms
S&P 500 also broken badly
Broker/Dealer index nearing potential support at the trendline

And as if my day wasn’t already fantastic enough………