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Greetings from the Centurion Lounge at the San Francisco International Airport. I think I’m pretty much the only straight guy here. I’m with the wife and kids, so no chance of anyone hitting on me. That, plus the fact that I don’t exactly have the kind of physique that brings boy toys calling at my doorstep.

As I mentioned, I am commencing a whirlwind global travel schedule now. There will be instances when my time zone will be absolutely cruel considering the line of business I am in. But the show will go on! Just understand the timing of posts could be, shall we say, sporadic.

While finishing up the last tidbits of packing, I was watching the Democrat debates. Of course, I couldn’t help myself.

Then there was this, which I thought was pretty funny.

As for the markets, we were at or near lifetime highs on most indexes, including the Major Market Index.

There are laggards, however. I remain obsessed with the financial space (such as XLF and KBE). I would also point out that the broker/dealer index, shown below, is worth watching. Should we ever manage to break that green tint (which was the low from Q4 2018), it’s party time.

I’d also like to point out that the Dow Industrials is retreating from its Bollinger Bands since, let’s face it, the bull run since June 3 has been relentless.

One last thing. As I’m typing this, the ES is up three-tenths of a single percent. It’s green, yes, but considering the news that just tumbled off the wire, that’s pretty damned unimpressive: