Dien Bien Phu (by Binkius Hippo)

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There is an absolute shocked silence here in Taiwan. The Taiwanese have just seen an American president kow-tow to a Chinese emperor. Not since the Ming dynasty has China been able to dictate terms of trade to the USA.

If the US president is willing to sell out his own people to the Chinese communists, what hope does Taiwan have of the USA coming to defend democracy on the doorstep of communist China?

This is a pivotal moment in history. Pax Americana is over.

Trump’s defeat is absolute and dismal. Xi and the Chinese communists got everything they could possibly want. Every US ally in the Pacific is watching this with absolute, incomprehensible horror.

The Chinese communists can keep importing the IC and IP necessary to finish their 5G state-surveillance program and power their ascendant military industry. They will get to buy cheap USA agricultural products, and most importantly, they can still blame anything that goes wrong with the Chinese economy on Trump, protecting themselves from any economic downturn.

All of this with the S& P 500 within a fraction of historical highs. Xi has just found America’s kryptonite: A dementia-addled president dependent on an economic bubble to stay out of prison. Xi hasn’t had to do a thing to win the trade war. If Xi ever retaliates to the point the S&P 500 is resting on technical support at 2100, he will make Trump dance like a puppet on a string.

Absolute victory for the Chinese communists.

The character of the two men: Trump. Closing an umbrella is too hard. He gives up. Secret Service has to clean up after him. Yet somehow trade wars are easy.

Xi. Red Guards beat his sister to death in front of him. Survived “re-education camps” during Stalinist-style CCP purge to become Emperor of China. The trail of crushed and destroyed political enemies is probably incomprehensible to western sensibilities and would resemble the movie Gladiator.