SlopeCharts Shows Trades

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Ameritrade and ThinkOrSwim users – – great news!

We are continuing to plow forward with integrating brokerages with the Slope of Hope and SlopeCharts in particular. We made our first baby steps a couple of weeks ago with Ameritrade, and now we can do more.

As a reminder, clicking the dollar sign icon in the lower left corner of SlopeCharts invokes the brokerage dialog box. Once you’re logged in (using your normal ThinkOrSwim or Ameritrade credentials), you’re all set.

So I pull up a chart in SlopeCharts like I always do and………hey, what have we here? It’s a tinted rectangle I’ve never seen before!

I point my mouse to it, and……voila! I can see all my trading relating to this symbol for the time period highlighted. This is a long position, so it is shown in green. Short positions are shown tinted in red. Both former positions and current, open positions are all displayed from your actual brokerage trading history, on both intraday and daily charts.

Does it work with options, too? You bet!

You can also control whether or not these trade tints display via Preferences.

Again……….baby steps. There are many more features coming. And plenty of other brokerages. But, Ameritrade and ThinkOrSwim users……….try it out! Email me with questions and ideas! I’d love to see some screen shots of this feature in action.

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