You Are Real

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It’s hazardous to mix smart people with money. Here in the Silicon Valley, I’m surrounded by super-smart loonies that come up with the most ridiculous ideas, such as the notion of filling yourself with the blood of younger humans in order to sustain your own life.

Does Peter Thiel seriously want to be stumbling around at the age of 140? Even more important, do any of us want to see a 140 year old Peter Thiel inching his way toward the bathroom again, living day to day in a painful stupor? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Our present lifespan is just about right.

Anyway, of all the dumb ideas my wealthy neighbors wallow around in, this has got to be the most annoying one of all:


Yep. These guys are so immersed in the digital world – – so enveloped in creating software – – that they’ve actually conflated the flesh and blood of real life with these machines that have only been around a few decades.

What a bunch of putzes. Turn off your laptop, shut off your phone, and take a walk in the woods. Sit down next to a stream and watch the flowing water dance and leap among the rocks. Touch the bark of a tree. Kneel down next to a rotting stump and see the termites within in.

A simulation. Right. Funny how this realization occurred only when human technology was sophisticated enough to actually speculate on such a thing. My hand to God, people, I am surrounded by madmen.