Big TradeMachine Upgrade

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Many years ago, when I was running my company, one of our first commercial customers was a young PhD student from Stanford named Ophir Gottlieb. Even way back then, around the year 2000, he was deeply involved in creating systems for options trading. He parlayed his success into a company called CMLViz, which makes the “options-trade-hunting” system called TradeMachine.

I’ve known and trusted Ophir so long, and I like TradeMachine so much, that I decided to feature it permanently on Slope. Slopers also enjoy a much cheaper price than retail, as this link shows. I wanted to make a couple of important points about this product, however:

  • It’s about to enjoy a major upgrade, in the respect that it will now do “same day” scans to generate real time opportunities. Historically, it has focused strictly on back testing so you could consider future opportunities. With this new upgrade, it is scanning the entire market every 30 minutes throughout the trading day so that you can be alerted to the newest almost-real-time opportunities.
  • Understandably, it’s also about to go up in price by twenty dollars a month. This happens on Wednesday. Slopers will still have access to a discounted price, but our price goes up $20/month as well on Wednesday (if you wait that long).

I think these are two good reasons to try it out now. For one thing, a good product is about to get a lot better, and for another thing, you will lock in the cheaper price permanently (I will also note that a lot of Slopers already use this product, and they will not experience a price increase either; CMLViz is like Slope in the respect that people get to enjoy their low prices permanently, even when they increase later.

Ophir sent me a list of the strategies they scan for “live” each trading day. Here they are:

  • Buy the Dip ( explain )
  • Long Technical Strangle ( explain )
  • Bullish Bursts ( explain )
  • Bearish Bursts ( explain )
  • Pre Earnings: Technical 14-day Diagonal ( example )
  • Pre Earnings: Technical 3-day Call ( explain )
  • Pre Earnings: Technical 7-day Call ( explain )
  • Pre Earnings: Technical 14-day Call ( explain )
  • Post Earnings: Technical Short Put Spread ( example )

As I keep saying, Slope is going to get more and more serious about options trading, and I personally plan to redirect my own trading focus in that direction as well. I am definitely going to be making TradeMachine part of that. So click here to give it a try and lock in the cheaper rate.