Greatest Hit

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When I have a post I think is especially good, or at least interesting, I cross-post it over on ZeroHedge. This probably only happens about 2% of the time. The most recent cross-post I did was about how few day traders make money. Here on Slope, it was called Teller Yourself (link here), although I called it “I’m Gonna Get Rich!” on ZH, since I have to be a little more on-the-nose in that part of the web.

What is striking to me is how popular the post is. Typical contributor posts get a handful of views and almost no comments. Observe the item below. You can see the posts flanking mine got maybe 100 views and a total of 1 comment. For my own, I am approaching 30,000 views and 70 comments. Clearly, I’ve struck a chord.

What’s ironic to me is that it was almost a throwaway piece. It took me just a few minutes to put together, in sharp contrast to An Extraordinary Tale, which took me two days to finish. It’s strange thing, because I’ve had the coveted “upper left corner” spot on ZeroHedge for three days now. I only mention this because maybe it’s a better post than I gave it credit for, so give it another read. Or, if not that, read my Extraordinary Tale piece since I busted my hump on it. Enjoy!

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