Introducing Tradier

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I am delighted to introduce the latest brokerage integration with the Slope of Hope: Tradier. This is particularly exciting, because we are planning to go much, much deeper with this integration than we have with other brokerages. This is just the beginning!

You can log in via SlopeCharts just you would any other brokerage:

All your account information is available.

As well as any equity and options positions you’ve got.

On SlopeCharts, you will be able to see both live trades and historical trades along with key information in the chart itself.

Here, for instance, is an open position (as opposed to the one above, which was closed):

If you are logged in, the real time options data is fed to the chains page.

And, even better, the OptionDots feature:

Click on any of the OptionDots, and you can get detailed information about those options.

Pretty cool, right? And, as I said, this is just the start. We plan to create a fully-integrated trading experience right here on Slope. I’d love to hear your feedback, so drop me an email if you’d like.

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