One and the Same

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For no particular reason, I was doing some comparison charts this morning. Some comparisons are obvious, such as MasterCard and Visa. They have been joined at the hip for time immemorial (and making shareholders a ton of money; both are incredible securities):

slopechart MAV

Other companies you’d think would be virtually identical, such as Apple and Intel (both of them huge high-tech companies) are in different universes altogether:

slopechart AAPLINTC

Yet one relationship which has struck me as curiously simpatico has been the Dow Transports (IYT) and the Russell 2000 small caps (IWM). Especially lately, the similarities are surprising.

slopechart IYTIWM

All of which makes me think I should add yet another item to the Slopecharts wish list, which would be a correlation study.

Also, “for no particular reason”, here is a clip from the late comedian John Pinette, whom most folks don’t remember, but was quite talented (and seemed like a genuinely sweet guy):