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Well, this is just spooky.

After the news came out about the drone attack, I was, like all of you, anxiously awaiting the open.

The ES gapped down something like 17 points, then it started climbing. And climbing. And climbing. And, self-pitying whiner that I am, I kept my “God damn it!” and “Son of a bitch” chorus going in my head, as I always do.

But here’s the weird thing:

The moment the ES touched that trendline, it reversed, and it reversed hard. In fact, as I am typing this, we are down about 24 points, much more than the screen shot I’ve captured above.

Anyway, I was obviously wondering – – what trendline that was? So, it’s our dear old friend The Christmas Trendline. Absolutely amazing.

Anyway, I’m 133% short at the moment, and we’ll see how Monday turns out. Good luck, Slopers.

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