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Lyft (symbol LYFT, duh) came public only earlier this year, and let’s just say some of it got into the investing public’s eyes. Losses are over 50% as of today, and I daresay much deeper losses will be forthcoming.

slopechart LYFT

Now that they are alone in creating a disaster for bagholders, although Slack needs another day or two to match LYFT’s wipeout.

slopechart LYFT

It’s only too bad the shameless fraud pictured below didn’t get a chance to shove WeWork down everyone’s throat. The ostensible value was $67 billion, and even if the private markets, it’s already down to $10 billion, a drop of 85% in a matter of weeks. I read that a more honest valuation is probably more like $3 billion, if that much. Oh, well. Can’t lose ’em all.