Jimmy Crack Corn

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Here’s some life advice: if you’re in an industry that Altucher ever decides to create a newsletter about, you should probably get out of it. Last time, it was crypto. And this time, it was pot stocks, all of which have been utterly torpedoed. (And dropping even more today……..)


Now, I didn’t spend the $4,000 (!!!!!!) subscription fee that James charges for his 420 newsletter, so maybe his choices were brilliant. Maybe he told everyone to short the hell out of every pot stock. And maybe I’m going to be on the cover of the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Anything is possible.

Here are a few individual pot stocks that have contributed to the ruination of this sector.

slopechart CGC
slopechart TLRY
slopechart NBEV

And how profitable is it to push crypto and pot newsletters on the public? If you believe his self-reported net worth, it’s a complete bonanza.