One Year Blown By

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On March 29th of next year, Slope will celebrate its 15th year of existence. This website has an extraordinary history over those many years, making it one of the most longstanding communities of traders on the Internet, and countless characters have made their way through these halls as both contributors and participants.

One that stands high in the pantheon of Slopers, Bruno de Landevoisin, died one year ago today. When I got the news from his girlfriend the next day, I put together this post, which captures my feelings at his passing.

Bruno was not an old man. Had he not been struck by an unexpected ailment, he likely would have lived decades more. He was humorously abrasive, and as I was poking through our archives, I counted 132 separate posts he created for the site. And, as this site’s editor, I can assure you he agonized over such posts for hours (if not days), often updating it dozens of times until it was perfect.

He was the same way with business. Bruno and I were actively talking about starting a crypto enterprise together (I came up with the name – Luster) and below is precisely the kind of missive I had become accustomed to with our departed friend.


We live in supremely strange times, and as with George Carlin, I wish Bruno was here to witness them and comment upon them. He was a good man, and judging from the pings I’ve received from Slopers today, he is far, far from forgotten.