Perfect Ten

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The stock market was at its highest level in the 13 billion year history of the universe just yesterday, but my 50 position all-shorts portfolio had 43 winners, 7 winners, and the breakdown of profits and losses was $12,451 on the plus side and $175 on the minus side. So I’d say that’s pretty goddamned good in this wretched, crooked, manipulated, fraudulent environment that Jerome Powell has created. May he burn in hell for all eternity! Times two!

With that happy note, I present to you my ten most profitable shorts:

slopechart PATK
slopechart MEOH
slopechart TECK
slopechart CBT
slopechart GT
slopechart AIG
slopechart KRO
slopechart AXL
slopechart DCP
slopechart CENT