Sixty/Four (Part 3 of 4)

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Preface to all four parts: I presently have sixty short positions. I have divided them into four equal parts, so I will post 15 charts in 4 separate posts. Posts 1 and 3 are for everyone, and posts 2 and 4 are only for Gold and Diamond members. Click on any chart for a large version, and use the left/right arrow icons on the large chart to navigate the entire set.

slopechart HT
slopechart HUN
slopechart IFF
slopechart IT
slopechart ITGR
slopechart JWN
slopechart LNC
slopechart LPX
slopechart MEOH
slopechart MMM
slopechart MPLX
slopechart MU
slopechart NOV
slopechart OIS
slopechart PATK