Warp 8 to Nowhere

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As I had hoped, I am “4 for 4” on profitable days this week, in spite of all the insanity. On every one of those four days, I was showing a loss (sometimes a deep one), but my shorts healed themselves nicely. As the ES below shows, this market has become all smoke, no fire. The truth pushes things down, and lies push things back up, and we’re at a stalemate.


We haven’t had a good, solid selloff for four months now, thanks to the corrupt Jerome Powell and his QE4 fraud. It’s a real shame, but I’m young enough that I’ll get to see the aftermath of this global fakery. As I’ve mentioned before, I hope to shed as much light as I can on all this wrongdoing once TSHTF. In the meanwhile, I’m focused on Slope coolness and toolness.


I’ve got a personal essay kicking around my head, so I’ll probably write that and post it tonight.