A Nominal Rally?

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Something just occurred to me that I thought I’d just throw out for group discussion.

When I think about the “big bounce” and the “bigger plunge” that I keep talking about, just about every stock I look at has a future resembling this. (This happens to be Ford, symbol F, but it honestly makes no difference).


But I keep asking myself: what on Earth could create the Big Bounce? Trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars have been thrown at this market, and it’s New Lows day after day after day. This morning’s shameful “QE Infinity for Everything” has morphed into a risible dud.

But what about this……….what is we suddenly see the measure of our own store of value start to slide swiftly? What if, as measured in our own currency unit, stocks and indexes start flying higher, merely because the unit in which they are measured begins plunging in value?

I’m just “spit-balling” here, if I understand the term properly, but I’m wondering if such an unexpected source of a big “rally” (and subsequently final collapse) makes sense at all? Discuss!