Customized Dates

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Back in the boring old days of a VIX at 11 and the market climbing 0.4% every single day of the year, the only way I could busy myself was to add new features to the site and talk about them. I’ve been quiet on that front for obvious reasons, but I’m pleased to dust all the ol’ New Stuff To Talk About schtick and let you know that there’s a new feature in SlopeCharts: custom dates.

To use it, just right-click anywhere on the chart and choose the Data Period. You’ll see a new choice (you should refresh your screen to make sure you have the latest version):


At that point, enter any start and end date that you like. Once you click “Save“, every chart you enter will use that specific date range (assuming the information is available in the first place). You can type the dates in manually or click inside the entry to get a calendar tool to choose the date.


For instance, I typed in the dates from October 1929 to March 1932 to see what the Great Depression stock market looked like, and here it is:

slopechart SPX

There will be many new features coming in the final nine months of 2020, and I’ll let you know about them as they roll out, one by one.

Oh, and as Steve used to say, just one more thing. As some of you may recall, we added this totally cool new feature recently: