Dance: Ten. Looks: Three

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Some of longer-time readers know that I’m a total Broadway fag. I can sing just about any tune from any musical from the past seventy years. This is a skill that is seldom deployed and even less frequently requested. All the same, I know my songs.

I am reminded of this peculiar characteristic and will offer as a metaphor the song from Chorus Line called Dance Ten Looks Three. Those of you who have heard it before probably think that its name its “Tits and Ass”, since that’s the main and oft-repeated line, but, understandably, the producers didn’t give it that name.

The general point of the song is that this one particular female dancer couldn’t get gigs because, in spite of her excellent dancing skills, she just wasn’t a looker. That is, until she got some plastic surgery, and voila, she was in demand.

So what does this have to do with charting and trading? Well, in my case, my charts are a “10” and my trading is a “3“. My already healthy respect for my own charting skills has only become greater lately, and I am not alone in this respect. I stumbled upon this tweet yesterday from a tastytrade viewer:


Inspired“. I like that. And from a female viewer, no less!

And yet my gold and diamond members have, from time to time, asked me to introduce a feature showing when I get in and out of trades. No. No, you do not want this. Trust me. Don’t confuse my gorgeous and insightful charts with my trading prowess. I am a superb chartist. One of the best. But as a trader, it is Eric Trump-esque most of the time.

And with that, I shall continue my humble prayers to Heavenly Father, or Jerome Powell, whoever is better able to hear my entreaties.