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Today marks the 15th year that the Slope of Hope exists. It seems fitting, given the circumstances around us, to share this clip from Monty’ Python’s Meaning of Life:

My very first post was on March 29, 2005. The closing lines to that post were:

If the market stays soft, I’m optimistic about the long term prospects for every one of these positions. The real question is going to be if I’m going to find enough time to do regular posts!

Nothing has changed, has it? In that brief paragraph, I simultaneously express hope about bearish positions and doubt about whether I can devote myself to my efforts. Fifteen years later, nothing has really changed.

There are no new thank-yous I can offer that haven’t been expressed before in the prior annual celebrations that have occurred here each March 29th. Simply stated, I’m glad I was prodded into starting this thing (thank you, wife!) and even more glad that so many of you have stuck it out with me through thick and – – in great abundance – – thin.

Happy Birthday, Slope!