Golly, Mister Powell!

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Hoo Hoo Hoooooooooo. Would ya look at that?

I’ve been wringing my hands all weekend, wondering what was next. We were limit down for much of Sunday. When I conked out, we were almost limit down, about -110 on the ES. And then I woke up, fire up the ol’ iPad, and……..Ho Lee Lord!


And in a desk-pounding, chortle-inducing, howling-laugh coup de grace, the spike above was brought to you by none other than Jerome Powell and his new program which is called………..and please, don’t have any liquid any your mouth when you read this……….

the Federal Reserve expects to announce soon the establishment of a Main Street Business Lending Program to support lending to eligible small-and-medium sized businesses, complementing efforts by the SBA.

Main Street. MAIN STREET. They actually put MAIN STREET in the name. They might as well have called it NOT WALL STREET, NO, SERIOUSLY, IT’S FOR THE AVERAGE GUY ,WE’RE TOTALLY SERIOUS program

Oh, sweet baby Jesus, how DUMB do they think we are? Good GOD, people. MAIN STREET? So this traitorous son of a bitch Powell wants us to think that the kinds of people these bailout is meant to help look like this:

Instead of, oh, someone more along these lines:

Want to know the funny part? I feel exactly like this:

Go get ’em, boys.