Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

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First off, in case any of you are waiting for some kind of “sale” or coupon on a premium membership, just let it go. It won’t be happening. Slope is incredibly cheap considering what you get. So if you’re on the fence, but waiting, hoping for some kind of plea from me, it isn’t forthcoming. Just dive in. Here are the choices. You’ll be in excellent company. I’ve never had such a flood of signups.

The huge winner today, of course, was AOBC. It got slaughtered like 35%, and I got the hell out. It was a beautiful head and shoulders that took way too long to transpire, but transpire it did.


Another slam-dunk winner was CDW, which I think I gave to my premium members. Lovely!


I am having a terrific morning, thanks not only to my puts but also to my aggressively bearish position in gold and miners. Thanks to TNRev for keeping this idea top-of-mind for us all.

Oh, one other thing. For the love of GOD, would you people please stop writing me and asking me what to DO. I do NOT give out 1 on 1 advice, mainly because it is ALL risk and ZERO reward. How dumb do I look? (OK, don’t answer that). I have said this countless times. For God’s sake, it’s on the contact page that you use to write me! ARGHHHHHHHHHH.