Why Bother?

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Given the example that D.C. is setting for us all, I think the public will start to have some legitimate questions.

  • If a huge, rich company like Cheesecake Factory can blow off all their rent payments, why should I pay my rent?
  • If the government can just send us free money out of thin air, why should I bother going to work?
  • If the Federal Reserve can create as many trillions of dollars they want out of thin air, why should any of us pay taxes?

I’ve got to confess, I feel like a real idiot that I’m going to be making my mortgage payment on time, just like I always do. But the fact is I’ve got a credit score of 840 for a reason, and I don’t need “forbearance.” But I can’t help thinking that the biggest fools in this whole thing are those of us who are responsible and don’t need handouts. What a bunch of chumps we are.