Dangling Participle

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OK, time for a post that has nothing to do with trading. Or crypto. Or, God forbid, politics. But instead has to do with an advertisement for a product that I just saw, on all places, over on ZH:


This product retails for $250, and I’m not highlighting it to debate the merits of its self-congratulatory message (most especially “atomic greatness” or exploding DNA, which sounds hazardous). No, it’s merely about this:


A verb. A verb? An adjective and noun, I think, but why on Earth would they crank out thousands of these things from a factory with an error that a sharp 1st grade student could spot? Although judging from the reviews, I daresay the verified purchasers of the aforementioned product aren’t losing any sleep over this grammatical pratfall.


If anyone has any punctuation marks to lend this fellow, please hand them over with all due speed.

As Professor Higgins declared, “If you cannot say what you mean, you cannot mean what you say.” English is a powerful weapon, folks. Use it wisely.