Green Gardens

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My latest pop culture obsession is the classic documentary Grey Gardens, which I’ve watched a number of times over the years. I re-watched it recently, and it’s as fascinating as ever.

The film is considered a masterpiece in the world of documentaries (and it is hilariously parodied in Documentary Now!) Watching two people who are, to varying degrees, absolutely insane, is utterly engrossing. These two women are incredible moody, and the way they alternately get on each other’s nerves one moment and can’t get more than three feet from each other the next is a kick. I heartily recommend multiple viewings.

Of course, the world of the early 1970s is light years from where we are now. I took a peek at the Grey Gardens property, which Little Edie sold in 1979, and obviously the property has been beautifully updated (although, as required by the sales contract, the original structure had to remain standing).


What is incredible is that these two women – – mother and daughter – – lived in absolute squalor. They shared a filthy house with a swarm of cats, rodents, racoons, and God knows what else, and the place was so decrepit and run-down that the women almost got evicted. But “location, location, location” is all that really matters, and both Edie and Little Edie, both long dead, would be flabbergasted to see what properties go for around their old neighborhood.