Champing at the Bit

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I dislike three-day weekends as it is, but it’s been even worse this time, because I’ve got a mountain of cash ready to wire into my crypto account to amp up my trades, but since bankers only work 3 days out of the year, I’m having to wait until the morning. URGH. But at least it’s getting close. Here are a smattering of crypto charts that continue to look great (as always, clicking a chart will yield a big one, and you can see the symbol and name in the upper left). I have very deliberately chosen new charts that I haven’t shared before (I have no positions………yet!)

slopechart AVAX
slopechart BNB
slopechart FTT
slopechart IOST
slopechart LINK
slopechart RUNE
slopechart SC