It Ain’t All Gravy

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I was oddly relieved this morning to wake up this morning, fumble around for my bedside iPad, and see a dose of bad news from SlopeAlerts:


I had become way too accustomed to seeing my profits grow hour after hour. I was just waiting for some kind of epic fall from grace. Instead, I got gently stopped out of a couple of positions (both very profitable), which were $ATOM and $MATIC. I keep going on and on about how “chart-friendly” crypto is. I have found this even applies on the finest level, such as minute bars. I was setting my stops tighter and tighter, and this acted perfectly:


Whereas, say, with FileCoin, it was a very close shave, but the coin fell almost perfectly to its support level and then rallied.


Thus, I have gone from six positions down to four. I will say, however, now that I’ve got a bunch of cash freed up (I was really maxed-out before) I’ll take a fresh look at all the charts to see what, if anything, I’d like as a new position. But these dogs aren’t going to walk themselves.