Multiple Portfolios!

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Yes, it’s yet another improvement to our CryptoStream product, and it’s one I’ve been nagging about for a long time: the ability to have multiple portfolios.

Now, the reason this may be of interest to you might be that you have different portfolios at different brokerages. That isn’t why I was so eager for it. My reason was sort of a twist on the whole “woulda shoulda coulda” theme. I wanted to be able to preserve my portfolios when I closed them so I could look back and see what the profits or losses would have been had I simply hung on to them.

Whatever your reason for wanting multiple portfolios, it is all controlled via these three self-explanatory buttons, which all you to create a New portfolio, Rename an existing portfolio, or Delete the currently-selected portfolio.


In my case, I clicked on New, entered the name “Sept 12 Closings” (since that’s when I sold the seven coins) and I entered them. Of course, since I’m doing this as a “what if I hadn’t done anything” question, the entry prices I used were, in fact, the prices I got when I sold the positions. As you create multiple portfolios, they will be presented to you in a dropdown menu, and in alphabetical order.


Thus, now I am able to look at this new portfolio at any time and see what profits I might have left on the table (or what losses I avoided). In this case, although just a few days have passed, it’s clear that simply holding on to the positions would have been a better choice.


I hope those of you who trade crypto and use CryptoStream can make good use of this spiffy new feature.