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I’ll once again state a theme I’ve embraced, which is Quality instead of Gizmos (Don’t worry, gizmo fans, there will come a day when I go back to that). Thus, any product announcements I make will be more along the lines of “this no longer sucks” as opposed to “Wow, look what I just did!” This is one such post.

One thing that has bothered me forever in SlopeCharts is how, when drawing an object, I couldn’t anchor it into the future. This is easier shown than described, so here’s what I am talking about. Take a few moments to watch:


As shown above, the poor bastard (me) trying to draw this rounded bottom was desperately clicking on the right side of the screen, but the program refused to let me anchor anything to a date that didn’t exist yet. It required me to click a date that had already transpired, and then I was allowed to move the anchor point to where I actually wanted it. Total pain in the ass, and something I’ve had to struggle with hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Simply stated, this problem is solved. Those of who have dealt with this, yes, I can hear your cheers.

The second problem was not just annoying, but pernicious.

Take a daily chart. There are drawn objects. Looks sharp.


And yet, change that to an intraday chart, and you have a good chance of seeing the drawn objects in the exact same place on the screen, with absolutely no relevance to the bars being shown. A mess!


This problem is solved, too. It wasn’t easy. But it’s fixed, and that is fantastic.

Now here is the very big but.

I’m afraid in these instances you will need to do the following to be super safe:

  1. Do a Delete All Drawings on the chart in question (just to make sure stuff that might be hiding off the screen is destroyed too)
  2. Redraw them.

I, umm, kind of like doing this, so I don’t mind too much, but I wanted to make this post to help people not be confused. So that’s the good news, the good news, and the bad news. Go get ’em!