Thanks, B of A!

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During my online banking experience with Bank of America, I had eventually become used to the endless parade of virtue-signaling graphics they kept hurling my way as I was simply reconciling my various accounts every morning. Today, though, they laid a new one on me after I logged off:


So, let me get this straight, Bank of America:

  1. You already have access to literally an infinite amount of money, for free, from the Federal Reserve;
  2. I have the opportunity to put $3 million (“or more”) into an account with you, for which you will pay me 0.01% interest;
  3. In return, you will reduce my interest rate (which is pure profit for you) by 0.375%, which means all you are left with is pure profit;
  4. Setting aside the fact that, if I had $3 million in cash laying around, I’m not quite sure why I would deposit it with you and turn around and borrow it right back at hundreds of basis points higher.

Gosh, B of A, I’m not sure what to say! I guess…………..fuck you very much thank you very much!