Cliff’s Notes of Awful

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This is me bein’ pissy but………..looking at these now-laughable FTX commercials starring Tom Brady, whom I’m led to believe was some kind of big football star, I can’t help but reflect………

Conveniently, SO many things that I despise are in this one nifty package:

  • Worship of athletes;
  • The use of “I’m in as an affirmative;
  • Guy quitting his actual job so he can, I presume, day-trade crypto;
  • Female fry voice (Giselle)
  • Charts showing prices flying higher

Anyway, it’s heartening to see how this entire thing has been laid waste, as have the people within it. 2022 was a great year. I suspect 2023 is going to be even more fantastic. Here’s to the crypto collapse!!