Annual Barron’s Brokerage Review

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I'll start this Saturday morning by saying how sad I was to read that TraderTamas, one of our most prolific commenters, has decided to leave not just this blog but all blogs. His reasoning is that the comments and opinions of others throw him off his game and damage his trading.

This, to me, is a personal decision, and everyone is entitled to their own viewpoint based on personal experience. Personally, I've grown more and learned more as a trader by reading all of your comments than at any other time in my life. Regular readers know how frustrated I get when I don't have time to read comments, because I find them so nourishing and enlightening as a trader.

Some folks chimed in to say they agreed with his point of view. I think this may be a case of false causation. TT mentioned he had one really nasty trade this week, so the logic appears to be that the corrupting influence of outside opinions caused that loss. Speaking for myself, as long as there is someone besides me in there making comments, I have no intention of leaving! That, to me, would be a true loss.

This morning Barron's has their annual brokerage survey, which you can read in its entirety. The table below provides the bottom line.