Off to the Hornet

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I've decided I am going to dispose of the guilt I have about letting too many comments accumulate. If I do a post on Friday afternoon, and by Monday morning there are 700 comments, so be it. I have a lot going on in my life, and believe me, I'm only going to get busier, so you should know that "xTrends-effect" (giant comment threads) will probably happen here too. Don't bother asking for comment cleaners. I'll do posts as time – – and the inspiration – – comes along.

After all, I pay good money for financial newsletters that come out three times a week. I've been doing something like three postings every few hours. My schedule – – – and the attitude I'm starting to see creep in from some readers – – convinces me to not worry so much about doing a dozen posts a day for my free blog. Maybe it'll be just one or two.

Having said that, one of my favorite charts is about the most low-tech imaginable……….it appears each day in the New York Times. I've scanned in today's:

I've added the circles on my own. This chart, simple as it is, has been really helpful to me during this bear market, because each time the indexes fight their way back up to one of those shaded zones, it's usually a sign that weakness is about to return.

In spite of having many long positions, I am more convinced than ever we're going to see weakness next week. I'm prepared for either direction, but a downward market would be more beneficial to me than continued strength.