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Slope initially began as a blog, so this is where most of the website’s content resides. Here we have tens of thousands of posts dating back over a decade. These are listed in reverse chronological order. Click on any category icon below to see posts tagged with that particular subject, or click on a word in the category cloud on the right side of the screen for more specific choices.

Miles of Tiles

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What did you do with your evening? I can tell you how I spent mine – – putting together this awesome new documentation page for our oh-so-marvelous Tiles product. I love this stuff! Please fire up the latest version of Tiles (after you’ve read the documentation) and play around with it. Polite suggestions and respectful comments are welcome, but we are very, very close to wrapping this up. This was a MAJOR engineering project, folks, requiring us to take the essence of Slope and put it into a totally configurable home page. I am absolutely thrilled with our creation.


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Back when I had taken my virtual trading account from $100,000 to about $4 million, I was getting some serious flack (and some semi-serious hints that I was cheating or gaming my own system). Well, folks, easy come, easy go. I’ve kept the same aggressive stance, and I’ve gotten my bear bottom blasted, now being down about 55% from that peak. At least people will maybe give me credit for not cheating!


Save Your Home!

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I am planning, once we get Tiles rock solid, to make it everyone’s home page. If you’d rather not have that, and instead like the “table” style home page you get now, please bookmark the URL you like as your home page explicitly so it can remain your Slope home page. We are spending virtually all our development on Tiles right now, since I want it to be the main junction of the site’s content.