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How Swiftly Sentiment Changes

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First of all, gold and silver members should know that an updated post about the coolest and most amazing chart I’ve ever done in my life is awaiting you; by now, you should have received an email bringing that to your attention.

A few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the revelation that Saudi Arabia likes to chop up bodies of journalists who threaten their regime, the “experts” were breathless with price projections.


Auld Lang Sinewave

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I’m totally nerding out this weekend on Slope, polishing up the site, adding videos – – the whole Labor Day schtick. In a way, I am re-discovering some of the cool stuff about my little creation. For example, I was just doing a video on the Future Trend feature, and I was quite surprised to see the fascinating sine wave projected for oil. If this is anything close to what’s going to happen, it could mean all kinds of interesting setups! I’m quite short energy stocks now, so I’m particularly pleased.