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Let’s Buy Tokyo!

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Remember back in 1989 when everyone assumed Japan was going to absolutely take over the world? Good times, good times. Well, they’ve spend the past THIRD OF A CENTURY mired in a pathetic government-run fraud, hurling quadrillions (yes, quadrillions) of Yen in an desperate effort to sustain the illusion of prosperity for their stagnant old-age colony. If you want to see how bad things are, look no further than the US dollar versus the Yen. If a worthless piece of crap like a United States piece of paper is performing this well, you KNOW this must be absolutely wretched for the other side.

ETF Focus: Outside the U.S.

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Preface to all four parts: This weekend, I’ve taken some favorite exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and broken them into groups. I’ll share a few thoughts about each of these below, and as always, clicking on any chart will make it fill your screen, whatever size that may be.

Let’s jump outside North America and look at the big funds. The emerging markets has been incredibly weak for a very long time, and it couldn’t even muster getting past that horizontal last week, even at the market’s strongest.