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Bear Arms

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At the end of my well-received Harmony at Gunpoint post, I wrote:

The main risk for the world, I think, is a military one. As long as consumerism – – the new opiate of the masses in China – – continues to thrive, then all will be well. But, for whatever reason, if a long-lasting global financial crisis takes hold, and prosperity in China falters badly, then Xi will take the route any self-respecting dictator would take: he will divert the attention of the masses to a common enemy, outside the confines of the Middle Kingdom, and create war. And that is the greatest risk of all.

Coincidentally, the graphic below just came out. Yikes.

Infographic: The Largest Militaries in the World | Statista

Come Back, Mr. Rogers!

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See, this is why I don’t get into the whole New Year’s thing. On the whole, human life tends to suck, and when a given year is over (even ones before 2020), humanity celebrates that the Bad Stuff is behind us, and Won’t Next Year Be Great. It was certainly that way with 2020. PHEW, glad that’s over! And yet the first few days of 2021 have proved that………this year sucks, too.

But there’s still hope. I present to you the newest addition to Danish Children’s Television, provided with captions: