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Art of the Deal

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Steak and malbec. Applause. An unexpected photograph. ES up over 50. Laughter at the bears. Cancellations from those too cowardly to stand fast. Absolute certainty that lifetime highs were on the way. Praise of our really smart, great-father, great-husband President. And plus he’s a genius businessman and really honest. You fucking bet. And then……….

Meanwhile, I have my Blue Bottle, I’m watching Magnolia, and I am updating my stops. I am the light fighting the darkness. And the light is going to win. But I’m not going to insult your President, because he’s just a great, great guy. Absolutely.

Chico’s and the Man

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Well, my tweet this morning pretty much said it all:

I’ve mentioned Chico’s (CHS) again and again and again as a short idea, given its huge dome pattern. It’s been kind of a frustrating position, but today it finally paid off, plunging nearly 40% within minutes. I went ahead and covered at about $4.50, although I would be delighted to short it again on any meaningful bounce.


Stock-Picking Follow-Up

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I’ve been describing this as a “stock picker’s” market recently. Allow me to show a very specific example. Or, should I say, ten examples.

Back on September 15th, I did a premium-only post called Sector Focus: Manufacturers. I have changed the post so that everyone can see it now. I had ten specific short ideas. One of them – ARRS (its symbol changed to AIR, apparently) went up a little, so that was a loser. But most of them did great, including one, MHK, which was down almost 40%. Keep in mind, this is in just over a month.

Overall, the drop was 17.21% even with the dud, which is over TWICE as big a drop as the S&P 500. So……….that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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