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Fading Arrogance

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Over the course of my trading life, I very slowly learned to pay attention to emotional extremes. When, for example, I am feeling arrogant, haughty, and indomitable, I had best closer every single position I’ve got, because I am about to get absolutely fried. Whereas when I am feeling hopeless, idiotic, and a fool, it’s probably a good idea to pour every penny I’ve got into my trading ideas.

In a similar fashion, I’ve watched Jim Cramer’s emotions. I remember in the deepest depths of the financial crisis, he was being interviewed, and he sat with slumped shoulders, hands meekly clasped together between his knees, and he explained, “I would ask anyone I loved to be completely out of equities for years to come.” That was, of course, the exact bottom of the market.

Well, he’s doing the exact opposite now. His arrogance and bravado are off the charts.


He’s Thread, Jim……

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Over the past week, there was a lot of hoo-ha about the “Twitter Killer” that Mark Zuckerberg developer (errr, actually, that all the fired Twitter engineers he scooped up developed, who are probably going to be collectively sued). Anyhoo, there’s also been tremendous chatter about the tens of millions of downloads Threads has received.

I strongly suspect that most of those downloads are from people like me, who simply:

  1. Are a little curious;
  2. Want to secure a decent screen name;
  3. Will decide in a minute or two that there’s absolutely no point in bothering.

In other words, I’ve got about 25,000 followers on Twitter. Why – – why on Earth?? – – would I ever consider changing? I downloaded it, sent out one “thread”, and never went back.


China Bans Bearish Content (by LZ)

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A bear market signal triggered in China:

China Bans ‘Negative’ Finance Writers as Stock Market Sinks

Wu Xiaobo and two other writers who weren’t fully named “attacked and undermined” Chinese policy and spread “negative and harmful information,” according to a statement by Sina Corp.’s Weibo on Monday.  

Wu has 4.7 million followers on the Twitter-like social media platform, making him one of China’s most influential writers about finance. He regularly writes for Caixin Global and has published bestselling books on Tencent Holdings Ltd. and China’s economic transformation. His recent posts have been deleted, making it unclear what triggered the ban.