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From TBSP to WSB

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Back in the late 1980s, when I first developed a strong interest in trading, I subscribed to a newspaper that’s still around today: Investor’s Business Daily. In that paper, without fail, would appear a full-page ad from a company that I don’t think is around anymore called The Better Software People (or, as they called themselves, T.B.S.P.).

The message TBSP wanted to convey was simplicity itself: buy our software, and you will get options trade signals that will make you rich. About 95% of the ad was just row after row of trades, starting with something like $10,000, which steadily grew to literally hundreds of millions of dollars. These people, with a straight face, retroactively picked all the perfect trades and convinced some poor saps that a small account could, in a few years, grow to hundreds of millions of dollars. Self-evidently, they must have sold enough software to pay for these expensive ads year after year.