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Shorts in the Time of Cholera (Part 1 of 6)

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Preface to all six parts: For better or worse, I have 75 individual short positions, all of which I am sharing this weekend. I will have three posts of ten charts each for everyone, and three posts of fifteen charts each for Gold/Diamond members only. Some key points:

  • As always, click on a chart for a substantially larger version;
  • You can always navigate from chart to chart once you are looking at an enlarged chart by clicking the arrow keys flanking the chart;
  • I have zoomed in on what I consider the most germane part of the chart which will hopefully make plain why I am bearish on it.

Japan Approaches Exhaustion

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It just kills me how hardly anyone cares about what the central banks are doing. The federal government promising as many trillions as Larry Fink of Blackrock wants, so that he can buy infinite LQD, should have people rioting in the streets. But, nope. This is the equivalent of the Fed telling Tim Cook he can buy as much AAPL as he wants in the open market with infinite trillions. Just vomit-inducing.

In a similar vein, the Japanese equivalent of our Fed has been making direct purchases of their stock market for years, in order to prop up their zombie economy. I’d say the recent lift is coming close to an end, as we approach the price gap.

The entire thing is a global farce, which 99.9999999% of people are too lazy or ignorant to grasp. It’s pretty sad.

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